born 1984, Hamm, Germany



2011 Akademiebrief und Meisterstudent of Hubert Kiecol (Sculpture)

2012 – 2014 MA Fine Art – CENTRAL SAINT MARTINS, London UK



2021 – Foerderpreis Kunststiftung NRW

2020 – Villa Massimo (shortlisted), Germany

2019 – Villa Massimo (shortlisted), Germany

2018 – Villa Massimo (shortlisted), Germany

2017 – Sarabande Foundation by Lee Alexander McQueen

2016 – Villa Massimo (shortlisted), Germany

2016 – Goldsmiths Scholarship, UK

2015 – Villa Massimo (shortlisted), Germany

2014 – Clifford Chance Printmaking Prize (shortlisted), UK

2014 – East London Painting Prize (shortlisted), UK

2013 – Production House – Camden Arts Center, UK

2013 – Grants for the Arts, Arts Council England, UK

2012 – Rectors Scholarship, Central Saint Martins, UK

2012 – Foerderpreis der Kunststiftung NRW, Germany




Artartist Fair. 31.3.23-2.4.23. Hansallee 190 Düsseldorf

Erecta. 16.3.23-23.3.23. Kunstraum Kö, Düsseldorf

The kind of neighbours. 12.11.22-17.12.22. Galerie Russi Klenner, Berlin

Getrude PRESENTS. 5 – 9.10.22. The Truman Brewery London

Und in welchem Namen tun Sie es? 2 – 6.8.22 Kunstverein Kaernten Austria

PROCESS 13.4.-22.06.22 Alexander McQueen London

Stricte Intimite 29.02.22–31.03.22 Bangkok Biennale Bangkok

Dis Ease 5.02.22–16.03.22 Gallery Ten Haaf Projects Amsterdam

Eletronic. Dec 2021. Kunstpalast Duesseldorf

Her to Eternity. 6.05.2021-18.06.2021. Galerie Norberts Arns. Cologne, Germany

Babel Masks. 15.10.2020-31.05.2021. Das Kapital. Berlin

House of Bandits. 6.10.2020-Jan 2021. Burberry’s Thomas Cafe, Vigo Street. London

Electronic. 31.7.2020–Feb 2021. London Design Museum. London

No Measurements Required. 14.12.2019. Nicoletti Contemporary. London, UK

ASP V Book Fair. 8.12.2019. London, UK

Flumblelovelive.. 9.09.–15.10.2019. ASC Gallery, London, UK

A Family Tree. 17.05.-6.06.2019. JOYCE Central, Hong Kong, China

ASP IV Book Fair. 8.07.17. ICA Institute for Contemporary Arts, London, UK

Intimate Foreign Bodies [dou]. 9.10.-28.1.2018. Galerie L`Entrepot. Monaco, Montecarlo

Tiger Tank [S]. 6.09.-15.10.2018. Storage Capacite`, Europe

A Face in Me [S]. 17.05.–27.05.2018. Sarabande Foundation, London, UK

ASP Glasgow Edition. 2.09.17. CCA Center for Contemporary Arts, Glasgow, UK

Miss Read – Berlin Art Book Festival. 14.07-16.07.17. Haus der Kulturen der Welt, Berlin, Germany

ASP III Book Fair. 8.07.17. ICA Institute for Contemporary Arts, London, UK

5 Minutes. 16.06–31.06.17 Marketplace Studios, Stockport, UK

Interact. 15.06-18.06.17. Cultivate Gallery, London, UK

London Design Festival. 15.09-18.09.16. St Hatcham Gallery, London, UK

Bruce Haines Mayfair & Adler 13.04-17.04.16. Art Cologne 2016. Cologne, Germany

Narratives. 17.03–14.04.2016. Constance Howard Gallery, New Cross Road, London, UK

ASP Book Fair. 12.09.15. ICA Institute for Contemporary Arts, London, UK

48h Neukoelln. 26.09-29.09.15. Kabeljau & Dorsch Verlag, Berlin, Germany

From Here to There II. 29.11-20.12.14. Elysium Gallery, Swansea, UK

House of Voodoo [S] 25.10.14. Folkstone Quaterhouse, Kent, UK

Clifford Chance Printmaking Prize. 20.10–28.11.14. 10 Upper Bank Street, London, UK

From Here to There I. 26.09-26.10.14. Clara Hatton Gallery Ford Collins, CO. USA

Broken Twice. 16.07-26.07.14. Galerie Anna Klinkhammer, Duesseldorf, Germany

East London Painting Prize. 20.05–1.06.14. 1 Sugarhouse Lane, London, UK

North London Cultural Consortium. 17.03.14. Arkwright Road, London, UK

Silence of the Lamb [S] 15.02.14. The Gallery Beijing, Cao Changdi Chaoyang District, China

Scratch Performance. 6.12.13. Camden Arts Center, London, UK

Bill Woodrow RA `FOUND` 22.11.13. Royal Academy of Arts, London, UK

Tomorrow I`ll be elsewhere. 8.11–10.11.2013. A–side B–side Gallery, London, UK

Interim V22. 14.5–19.5.13. V22. 100 Clements Road, London, UK

Greta London [S]. 15.06-17.06.12. Benzulli, Duesseldorf, Germany

5×3 Single Museum. 23.9–2.10.11. Kunstraum Düsseldorf, Düsseldorf, Germany

Cage [S]. 4.11-5.11.11. Singleclub. Ackerstrasse 5, Duesseldorf, Germany

Bodensatz Böhlerwerke. 12.11–20.11.11. Hansaallee 321, Düsseldorf, Germany

Bendzulla Reif [dou]. 21.11–27.11.10. Eifelwall 5, Cologne, Germany

Jasmin Reif im grafischen Kabinett [S]. 8.10-24.10.10. Duesseldorf, Germany

Jasmin Reif & Henning Arend [dou]. 20.06-26.06.09. Konsortium Duesseldorf, Germany

462 m2–409 m2. 23.6–8.7.07. Gloria–Halle, Belsenstr. 20, Düsseldorf, Germany


Infectious Diseases Part II. 2023 Self Published for ASP VIII. London, UK

Infectious Diseases Part I. 2022 Self Published for ASP VII. London, UK

Raining Inside. 2022 Self Published for ASP VII. London, UK

Bound. published 2021. Sarabande – The Alexander McQueen Foundation. London, UK

Electronic. published 2020. Design Museum Publishing. London, UK

ASP IV. Masks. 2019 Self Published for ASP VII. London, UK

ASP III Catalogue. 8.07.2017. ICA Institute of Contemporary Arts London, UK

Echos of Fashion Humanities Faux Pas III. 10.04.2017. 3 – 7 Mowlem Street, London, UK

Index. London Design Festival 15.09.2016. St James Hatcham Gallery, London, UK


42 Copperfield Road

E8 4RR London, UK


Am Heidewald 23

59514 Welver-Flerke, Germany